Retaining Wall Installation in Durham, NC

Benefits of Retaining Wall Installation

Here are some of the most common reasons to schedule retaining wall installation.

  • Erosion Control on Hills
    If you have a slope where erosion happens quite often, a retaining wall can minimize the effects of this.
  • Water Runoff Control
    Sometimes during rain storms, the flow of rainwater can flush away soil from vital areas of your landscape. Properly designed retaining walls can direct this water better.
  • Create More Usable Spaces on Your Property
    Retaining walls can turn sloping, difficult terrains into usable spaces by levelling them off. Make the sloped areas into your property level and keep them that way with retaining walls.
  • Seating Options
    If you have outside events, retaining walls can be modern and attractive seating options for your guests. Many clients put cushions on their walls and make them into faux benches.