Residential Contracting Services

Durham, NC and Surrounding Areas

Our Residential Contracting Services Process

Here is a simple step-by-step breakdown of what to expect when you hire us for your residential project.

  • First Steps
    When you call us to request a bid proposal, we will schedule a convenient time for our founder Jim Carrington to come to your home. During this meeting, Jim will walk your property with you and talk through what you are looking to have done. He will prepare a proposal that covers the full scope of your needs during this process.
  • Communication
    After you see the proposal and approve it, we will call you to schedule the project and prepare you with any information you might need about the crew and the scale of the work.
  • Meet with Jim
    On the day your job is set to start, Jim, our founder and president, will personally come to your home and introduce you to the crew that will be working there. He will review the project with you and make sure you are ready to begin.
  • During the Job
    Our crew will work on your project exclusively until it is finished. If you have any questions or concerns during the process, reach out to the crew leader on site or Jim himself. We are always available to answer your questions.
  • Completion
    Once your job is complete, we will walk the property with you, going through all the work and ensuring it is up to your standards. We will only leave the site when you are completely satisfied with everything we have done for you.


We follow this tried and true method because we don’t want one-off customers, we want clients that trust us for life. We promise to put your needs front and center and give you an outstanding experience.


Residential Exterior Renovations

Improve the look of your home with trusted exterior renovation work from Carrington including painting, roofing, guttering and more. Exterior renovations can transform the outside of your building and give it a new look that you can enjoy for years to come. From the smallest touch-ups to complete renovations, count on Carrington for all your exterior renovation needs. Contact us today to schedule residential contracting services in Durham, NC.

Residential Siding

We offer a full range of siding solutions for your home so you can have a new look and a durable finish that will last for years to come. We are proud to provide our residential clients with Hardi Plank Lap Siding and vinyl siding based on their needs. Hardi Plank siding gives you the look of wood for a fraction of the cost, and vinyl is a durable and flexible option that comes in nearly any color and finish you can imagine. No matter what your home needs, our siding department is up to the task.

Residential Retaining Walls

If you have a slope on your property, erosion could be a real issue. Retaining walls can minimize the effects of erosion to preserve the look and safety of your property. On top of the abilty to protect your land, retaining walls can also create more usable spaces on your property by leveling off hills. Make your outdoor landscape more beautiful and functional than ever by hiring Carrington to install a retaining wall at your home.

Residential Concrete Work

Concrete is one of the most commonly used elements in residential construction applications. Made of cement, sand and other aggregates mixed with water, concrete is one of the most versatile components on any job site. We have many years of experience working with concrete and using it for all kinds of applications, from staircases and sidewalks to foundations and everything in between. Trust Carrington for all your residential concrete needs.

Residential Asphalt Work

Asphalt, sometimes known as blacktop, is a mixture of stone, sand or gravel that is stuck together with a small amount of asphalt cement. This black material is a product of crude oil and is both strong and versatile. Our team at Carrington can expertly apply asphalt at your home for any application you need, from a small sidewalk to a full driveway.

Residential Drainage

Drainage is a vital element of every property. Without proper drainage systems in place, your building and land can become damaged from storms far more easily. Flooding and water overflow can cause serious issues that require expensive repairs. Prevent these problems by making sure you have reliable drainage in place. Trust Carrington to install functional drainage systems at your home to protect you against storm damage.