Church Contracting Services

Durham, NC and Surrounding Areas

Church exterior painting

The outsides of churches draw people in and speak to the beauty that will be inside. While churches often have unique architecture, we have the skills to properly paint these intricate buildings. Whether you are looking to maintain the existing look of the building or add new colors to it, Carrington is here to help. Contact us today to schedule church contracting services in Durham, NC.

Church Exterior Renovations

The outsides of churches draw people in and speak to the beauty that will be inside. While churches often have unique architecture, we have the skills to assist you with your needed upgrades. Carrington Contracting is here to help. Carrington Contracting performs an array of exterior renovation services and interior painting for churches. Our services include exterior painting, wood replacement, Hardie installation, vinyl siding, window and door installation, roofing, guttering, concrete, asphalt, retaining walls, pressure cleaning, and drainage.

Church Siding

With siding from some of the leading brands in the industry, we can give your church a beautiful and protective finish that will last for years to come. We are proud to provide our church clients with Hardi Plank Lap Siding and vinyl siding based on their needs. Hardi Plank siding gives you the look of wood for a fraction of the cost, and vinyl is a durable and flexible option that comes in nearly any color and finish you can imagine. No matter what your church needs, our siding department is up to the task.

Church Roofing

Churches are known for their unique shapes, and the way their roofs can mimic the classic styles. No matter how complex the roof is on your church, we can help you with repairs and completely new roofing installations. From shingles to tiles and every other material imaginable, we can repair, install or reroof your church as needed.

Church Retaining Walls

Retaining walls on a church's property can not just protect from erosion, they also are a great way to create focal points where you can plant flowers, trees and other attractive landscape elements to wow your churchgoers. Make your outdoor landscape more beautiful and functional than ever by hiring Carrington to install a wall at your church.

Church Concrete Work

Concrete is one of the most commonly used elements in construction applications. Made of cement, sand and other aggregates mixed with water, concrete is one of the most versatile components on any job site. We have many years of experience working with concrete and using it for all kinds of applications, from staircases and sidewalks to foundations and everything in between. Concrete can be utilized in even more ways when it comes to churches, including parking lots and curbing. No matter what your church needs made with concrete, you can trust our team at Carrington.

Church Asphalt

Asphalt, sometimes known as blacktop, is a mixture of stone, sand or gravel that is stuck together with a small amount of asphalt cement. This black material is a product of crude oil and is both strong and versatile. Any location that has a great deal of regular foot traffic needs a well-maintained parking lot. Not only will our asphalt work improve the look of your church, it can also ensure the safety of all who attend mass.

Church interior painting

The insides of churches set the tone for the beautiful masses that occur there. It's important that these spaces reflect positively on the community and the parish. If you need the interior of your church repainted, we can come in and give you a professional and truly outstanding appearance.

Church pressure cleaning

Like any large-scale building, churches can accumulate a great deal of dirt, dust and debris on their exteriors. Our team at Carrington can pressure wash these areas to bring back the beauty of the natural appearance. This is also a great way to prepare your church for painting by removing loose or chipping paint.

Church Drainage

Keep your parking lot, sidewalks and property free of excess rainfall by calling Carrington for drainage assistance. We will make sure your church is safe from the damage that storms can cause.