Hospitality Contracting Services

Durham, NC

Make your hotel the place to stay

If you are considering a project, please contact Carrington Contracting to schedule hositality contracting services. We can help you put a scope of work together and a plan of action. A member of our team can walk the premises with you to identify potential problems and prepare a free estimate for your project.

Hotel Exterior Renovations

Improve the look of your hotel with trusted exterior renovation work from Carrington including painting, roofing, guttering and more. Exterior renovations can transform the outside of your building and give it a new look that you can enjoy for years to come. From the smallest touch-ups to complete renovations, count on Carrington for all your exterior renovation needs.

Hotel Siding

We offer a full range of siding solutions for your hospitality location so you can have a new look and a durable finish that will last for years to come. We are proud to provide our clients with Hardi Plank Lap Siding and vinyl siding based on their needs. Hardi Plank siding gives you the look of wood for a fraction of the cost, and vinyl is a durable and flexible option that comes in nearly any color and finish you can imagine. No matter what your hotel or hospitality building needs, our siding department is up to the task.

Hotel Roofing

Commercial roofs are complex and difficult to work on, and hotels are a perfect example of this. We can install or repair your roofing and work around the commercial HVAC units and other systems on your building. Not only will your hospitality building look better, but it will be protected from the elements and more energy efficient as well.

Hotel Retaining Walls

If you have a slope on your property, erosion could be a real issue. Retaining walls can minimize the effects of erosion to preserve the look and safety of your property. On top of the abilty to protect your land, retaining walls can also create more usable spaces on your property by leveling off hills. Hotel properties can this space to create beautiful statement pieces that can hold flowers and other attractive landscape design elements.

Hotel Concrete Work

Concrete is one of the most commonly used elements in construction applications. Made of cement, sand and other aggregates mixed with water, concrete is one of the most versatile components on any job site. We have many years of experience working with concrete and using it for all kinds of applications, from staircases and sidewalks to foundations and everything in between. At hotels, concrete is often used on even more applications like parking garages, curbs and more. Call Carrington for reliable concrete application.

Hotel Asphalt

Asphalt, sometimes known as blacktop, is a mixture of stone, sand or gravel that is stuck together with a small amount of asphalt cement. This black material is a product of crude oil and is both strong and versatile. Our team at Carrington can expertly apply asphalt at your hotel for any application you need, from a small sidewalk to a full parking lot. A beautiful and smooth parking lot will attract customers and keep them safe on their way in and out of your location.

Hotel exterior painting

While any building could be improved with a nice coat of paint on the exterior, for hotels, it is more of a necessity than anything else. Without a beautiful exterior, people will drive right by your hotel, choosing a more attractive one instead. Make sure your hotel is visible and aesthetically pleasing by hiring Carrington to paint the outside for you.

Hotel pressure cleaning

A majority of hospitality buildings are located in fairly busy regions so they can attract more customers. With that choice of location comes more dirt, dust and debris. If your hotel isn't looking its best, sometimes a good cleaning is all it needs to be revitalized. Contact Carrington today if you need your hospitality location pressure cleaned.

Hotel Drainage

Hotel properties can be large and difficult to manage, especially when heavy storms strike. With a well-maintained drainage system, you can rest assured that excess water won't negatively impact your location.

Hotel Caulking

Caulking in hotels is something that not just protects showers, bathtubs and tiling, it also is a huge visual indicator of cleanliness. Many hotels score poorly on inspections due to damaged or discolored caulk in their bathroom areas. If you need to have your caulk cleaned or replaced, contact us today for help.